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Tania Vaughan, Devotional Writer

Tania Vaughan

Tania Vaughan
Tania Vaughan heads Let's Talk About Ministries, encouraging and supporting women through Bible studies, teaching and mentoring. Passionate about seeing women grow in their relationship with Christ she believes that every woman can live the full life that Jesus promised and is committed to seeing that potential released. You can find out more about Tania and the ministry at www.taniavaughan.com

The Let's Talk About... Sex and Relationships course and Bible study encourages single women in their relationship with Jesus and seeks to combat the accepted views of relationships by showing women there is a way of doing it differently.

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Conference speaking
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Books in Print

Let's Talk About... Sex and Relationships Let's Talk About... Sex and Relationships
Tania Vaughan, 2013

eBooks Published
Let's Talk About... Sex and Relationships: Kindle Edition

Books Planned
A full book version to accompany the course and Bible study book.

Other Writing Published
Articles for Together Magazine.
Posts at...
» the FEBC GospelBlog.
» the Laundry Moms.
» More Than Writers, the ACW blog.
Let's Talk About... Sex and Relationships
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