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Ros Bayes, Novelist, Devotional and Non-fiction (Educational Textbooks) Writer

Ros Bayes

The Well is Deep by Ros Bayes
Ros Bayes has been writing magazine articles for about 25 years. She began by writing for some of the disability press, while she stayed at home to raise her family, including one daughter who has cerebral palsy, autism, learning disability and partial sight. She now writes regularly for Christian magazines and websites.

Her passion in life is first Jesus and then her 3 lovely daughters. She worked for 10 years as a teacher of Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics at one of the largest secondary schools in England. During this time she began writing a series of A level textbooks which are published by Zigzag Education.

She has subsequently done editing and ghost writing for other authors, and has self-published a book of devotional poetry, a book of devotional prose and her first novel, The Well is Deep, a retelling of the story of the Samaritan woman's encounter with Jesus. She is currently working on her second novel with a working title of Valley of Trouble, Door of Hope - a modern version of the story of Hosea and Gomer.

For 3 days a week she works for Christian disability charity Through the Roof, writing all their training and publicity resources, reflecting at the interface between disability and theology and speaking on behalf of the charity. Her blog for Through the Roof can be found at throughtheroof.org/info-and-resources/articles/ros-blog/.

Specialist Interests
Disability and theology.
Inveterate devourer of English poetry!

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Available for...
Book signings
Church or school visits to speak on writing or on disability

South East England

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BA (London) in Religious Studies and English Literature
PGCE in Religious Studies, Maryvale Institute, Birmingham

Selected Books in Print

The Well is Deep The Well is Deep
ISBN: 9781326030360 (Paperback)
Lulu, 2014
Sailing in Deep Waters Sailing in Deep Waters
ISBN: 9781291600087 (Paperback)
Lulu, 2013
Poems in the Secret Garden Poems in the Secret Garden
ISBN: 9781291600469 (Paperback)
Lulu, 2013
A Level Edexcel Religious Studies A2 Anthology Study Guide: Philosophy of Religion A Level Edexcel Religious Studies A2 Anthology Study Guide: Philosophy of Religion
Zigzag Education, 2008
(Price includes site copy licence)

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eBooks Published
Poems in the Secret Garden
ASIN: B00703L7LG (Kindle)

The Well is Deep
ISBN: 9781326139094
ASIN: B00S5BF1ZA (Kindle)
iBooks: id955548126

Books Planned
More than just a way - co-written with Pastor Paul T Mathews, about to be published in India.
Now working on a second book of testimonies with Pastor Paul T Mathews.
Currently working on a second novel, Valley of Trouble, Door of Hope.

Other Writing Published
Magazine/website articles (most recent first)
A Biblical View of Disability: bethinking.org, 2015
Learning disability shock: Evangelical Times, Feb 2015
Enabling Church: Conference Report, Evangelical Times, Aug 2015
'Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks': Evangelical Times, June 2014

Discover more » Published works and current writing projects

The Well is Deep
Amazon Customer Review by Cynthia Coleman:
Ros Bayes' knowledge of the Scripture and her love for Jesus, shine throughout the pages.
This is easily on my all time, top ten favorite books. I was so engrossed in the story of Photini's life, I forced myself to slow way down and cherish the book.
I could go on and on about The Well is Deep. Purchase this book! You won't be sorry.
Amazon Customer Review By Mark Reilly:
An outstanding piece of writing, thoughtful and very well imagined. This re-telling of the story of the Samaritan woman and her encounter with Jesus is insightful, totally believable, full of compassion and understanding of the human heart.
Amazon Customer Review By Lynn:
I really enjoyed this book. I was totally immersed in Photini's life and felt every emotion of her pitiful life. When she met Jesus I was crying with joy and love for Him. I really liked that the story carried on from there and even the way she met her death, with his Spirit enabling her to face it - I got it. The whole book encouraged my own faith and I just wanted more of Jesus. I've not had that sort of spiritual experience from a book in a long time and it was wonderful. The writing style was fluent and easy to read and the whole of Samaria became real to me in the descriptions of the place and customs of the region. I would recommend this book.

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