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Clive Dale, Children's Writer

Clive Dale

Ollie the Onion
Clive Dale was born on the 20th March 1943 in Shrewsbury and was named after Lord Robert Clive (Clive of India) who has a statue in the town square. Clive's schooling began at Meole Brace School then following moves: two schools in Tredegar; and finally Canton High School, Cardiff.

Clive had a career in computing for over 40 years attaining MBCS CITP AMBCS status. This resulted in him working for many companies and living in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Clive was fourteen when he heard the Magic Camel nonsense story and has been telling the story ever since. This encouraged him to develop his own stories for his work with children, young people, and also adults.

Clive spent a major part of his spare time involved with children and youths in various organisations the main one being Boys' Brigade. Clive had the occasional visits to schools to promote the youth activities by taking school assemblies.

At a Christian conference a number of years ago Clive shared a couple of his stories with others over dinner, and a minster said he should write them down and publish them. Clive finally decided to start this in 2013 when he published, Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo.

Clive's stories are enjoyed by all ages and he had to make a decision on the age group for his books. He finally decided to write each story as a reader for those in the earlier stages of reading, thinking that the appeal of the short stories would encourage them to finish the book and read it often. Each story has a moral and the story can also be read to younger children by displaying the illustrations to keep them interested, or to older groups to aid discussions on the moral.

Clive has been visiting schools reading his published books and answering questions from the pupils. These have currently been mainly with Key Stages 1 and 2. Clive uses A4 illustrations for small groups and PowerPoint for larger groups and assemblies.

Clive has also been involved with: Key Stage 3 classes in secondary schools covering the whole process of story development, through writing and publication; toddler groups; adult meetings e.g. W.I.; Church services; and Christian outreach events.

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Landline: +44 (0)1453 755705
Mobile: +44 (0)7785 543351


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School Visits
Adult meetings
Church services
Christian outreach events
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52 The Beagles
Cashes Green
Gloucestershire GL5 4SE
United Kingdom

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checkboxBritish Computer Society
checkboxAssociate of the Business Continuity Institute
checkboxCountess of Huntingdon Connexion (President)

Chartered IT Professional (CITP)

Books in Print

Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo
ISBN: 9781909386204
Diverze Books, 2013
Johnny and the Rice Pudding Johnny and the Rice Pudding
ISBN: 9781909386280
Diverze Books, 2014
Ollie the Onion Ollie the Onion
ISBN: 9781909386396
Diverze Books, 2014
Johnny and His Boat Johnny and His Boat
ISBN: 9781909386419 (Paperback)
Diverze Books, 2015

Books Planned
Perky Pea - Moral: Persevere
Clive the Magic Camel at the Seaside
Johnny visits His Cousin - Moral: Speak the Truth
A Camel's Christmas - the Christmas story

Other Writing Published
A personal Testimony regarding Trusting God. It is 1 of 40 testimonies by authors, referenced by subject, being published in a book this year to enable readers to select testimonies pertinent to the help that they need.
Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo
Good Reads Reader Reviews
Johnny and the Rice Pudding
Good Reads Reader Reviews
Ollie the Onion
Good Reads Reader Reviews

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Children's author Clive Dale introduces Ollie the Onion: Stroud News & Journal, Nov 2014

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